What is Beneficial Electrification?

In a fast-paced, transforming energy landscape, people across southern Indiana and southwestern Illinois are experiencing the benefits of electricity in new and exciting ways. The history behind the term “Beneficial Electrification” is not new, but its revived importance is. Our focus on environmental concerns and lower energy costs allow electricity to be an expansive fuel source for residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial technologies.Beneficial Electrification includes the application of electricity to end-uses where doing so satisfies at least one of the following conditions, without adversely affecting the others:

  • Saves consumers money over time;
  • Benefits the environment and reduces greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Improves product quality or consumer quality of life;
  • Fosters a more robust and resilient grid 

To learn more about national Beneficial Electrification initiatives, research, and investments, visit the Beneficial Electrification League (BEL) website.To learn more about how your local electric cooperative is taking part in beneficial electrification, please visit our Local Initiatives page.

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