Do you want to save money and pollute less?

EVs cost less to drive and pollute less, period. An EV uses electricity that is typically generated from sources that are cleaner than burning gasoline or diesel in a vehicle.

Do you have off-street parking at your home?

Plugin electric vehicles require charging. Charging can be done with a standard 120 Volt (V) outlet or you can have a 240 V charger installed in your garage or driveway. Known as "Level 2 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)," 240 V charging reduces charging time substantially, is more energy-efficient and some EVSE models allow you to schedule charging times, which may allow you to take advantage of special electric rates.

Does your household have more than one car?

If you live in a household with more than one car, an EV likely represents a big opportunity for your family to save a lot of money, while improving the quality of our environment. Use an EV for commuting and use the other vehicle for long-distance drives... it's just that easy!

Do you frequently take long road trips?

Long road trips can present challenges for today's electric vehicles. Public charging infrastructure and battery technology is continually improving, but planning is still required for long trips. There are many EV models available with a range-per-charge of 150 to 250 miles. There are some high-end EVs that can get over 330 miles on a single charge.

Is your daily commute under 330 miles?

Most of today's electric vehicles have a driving range-per-charge between 50 to 330 miles. If your daily commute is under 250 miles per day, there is likely an affordable EV model that will fit your needs.

Buyer Tip: When you're looking at EVs, be sure to check the "range-per-charge" for the vehicle. This is the number of miles the car can typically drive between full charges. For example, if the range per charge for an EV is 100 miles and your daily commute is 30 miles, you should be able to go about 3 days between charges (30 miles + 30 miles + 30 miles = 90 miles). EV range varies significantly between models.