Smart Thermostats

Most of us remember days when we had a dial thermostats on our walls, painstakingly and manually turning up or down the thermostat with little to no customization. Those days are gone, as smart thermostats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you and your family to own a piece of new technology that will:

  • Control the temperature of your home from anywhere
  • Allow you to leave home with peace of mind
  • Learn and adapt to your routines
  • Provide you the opportunity to save energy and money over the long term
Learn more about Testing Smart Thermostat Technology in Southern Indiana (PDF)


Smart thermostats are not a brand new technology, however, they are now more affordable and are available in many price ranges and levels of customization, meeting you at your budget and technological comfort levels. If you and your home have high-speed internet access, smart thermostats are even more capable of providing benefits to your home and its energy bills.

Want to Learn More?

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